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About SeeMe

SeeMe is an AI-driven service that provides information about the mental health of patients by analysing their facial expressions during video assessments. 


SeeMe offers automated check-ups that monitor any changes in the behavior and emotions of the patient.

Our mission is to provide patients with data-driven information to monitor their mental health and inform them if any abnormality is detected.

SeeMe is the first

thermometer for mental health

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How does it work?


SeeMe provides video-call assessments with patients to monitor their physical and mental health conditions 

Face scanning

During the video-call the emotional reactions of the patients are tracked through the frontal camera. 

Our high-quality AI software measures the intensity of emotions, variety of emotions, attention span, engagement, the valence of emotions, and heartbeat.


Based on the mean of each metric and the comparison of the behavior of the patient per video-call, the software calculates the normal behavior zone of each individual. This zone will be the baseline to identify any outlier that can flag an abnormal behavior


After the assessment, a report will be sent to the patient showing their metrics and normal behavior zone. If any abnormality is detected the patient will be informed and will receive resources, activities, and tips to improve their mental wellbeing or the patient will be reffered to a professional.  . 

The Swarovski Foundation and


mental health initiative

It is a fact that society has been under stress the past years with the pandemic, the constant feeling of uncertainty, and now the fear of war. Mental health problems are on the rise and one of the main challenges is that people struggle for a long time to identify something is wrong and they lack at-home tools to monitor their mental health wellbeing.


We strongly believe that there is no health without mental health, therefore we want to provide free consultation services with health professionals to help people navigate the hard times we are going through. This initiative is powered by the Swarovski Foundation and we aim to help 100 patients.

The service will be provided by a psychologist and a group of nurses through a chatting platform.


If you are interested in having a free consultation with us, please fill out the following form, we will contact you and guide you through the process!


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